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Imagine being a kid. You walk into a darkened school gymnasium with your classmates and sit down. Only one light is on, and it shimmers, blue, casting a light on the floor like calm waters on the sea floor. Before you, in the center of the basketball court, a large item on the floor begins to inflate, taking shape and, within two minutes there it is, a hulking, massive beast. A 55-foot whale. The nearest whales are more than 1,000 miles away, yet here one is and, even better, you get to go inside it today and see the bones from orcas, humpbacks, narwhals, and more. It is an experience that you will never forget for as long as you live.
The best educational experiences don't come from sitting down with a text book. They come by experiencing it firsthand. Explore the world of whales and ocean life like never before and prepare to be absolutely amazed.

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Prior to Forest Whales, we ran a non-profit traveling dinosaur museum. From 2011-2020, Colossal Fossils was an incredible source of prehistoric information. Maybe you were lucky enough to visit the Colossal Fossils Downtown Museum in historic Wausau, Wisconsin or, perhaps, you were at one of the hundreds of libraries and schools that we were fortunate enough to visit during those years. After the Covid pandemic, we made some positive tweaks, brainstormed a few really cool ideas, and Forest Whales was born.

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A crazy awesome husband-wife duo.

We are David and Stephanie Daniels.
David is a Business Development Manager for Window Enhancements where he works closely with schools and other buildings to install a 3M safety and security window film called Ultra S800.
Stephanie is the Director of HR for a local firm.
When we have some down-time, it's fun to bring out the whale and set it up in schools, libraries, and community events. Teaching people about science and the amazing world around us is our passion.

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