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Highly interactive. Highly entertaining. Highly educational.

Our programs are highly customizable too. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Idea #1: Bring the whale to your next fundraiser. Make sure you have other activities for your guests, like face-painting, fish ponds, games, etc. Charge admission and help your favorite organization raise money! Guests can line up and take turns checking out the whale bones and going inside the whale.

Idea #2: The guests will assemble as a big group in a large room. The day begins with a one-hour educational program that highlights all of the bones and artifacts in the collection. When finished, we turn the fans on and the whale inflates before the guests' eyes within minutes. After that, small groups take turns going inside the whale to discuss the internal organs of the whale and to ask questions.

Idea #3: Split the day up into multiple one-hour programs. For the first thirty minutes, we'll show off and discuss the bones, then we'll inflate the whale and guests can take turns going inside. Once the hour is up, we will let the whale deflate and start the program all over.

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  • Bring a 50-foot life-size whale to your next event!

    Flat fee (inquire)
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